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What Disco'd product do you miss the most and why?


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mostly blushes like emote, strada, perfect cheek, nuance, etc

and I reaaally hope MACxRiri bad girl lipstick makes a comeback it was such a beautiful shade and I have not found a good dupe that is close only halfway to it but still not a single one in MAC's permanent line though :'(


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Ostentatious Fluidline. It went really well with my hazel eyes an pale complexion. Most eyeliners look really harsh on me or clash. Club as a liner is the closest thing I've found to this, but it will never quite measure up.


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Yes, Tete a Tint is one of the Matte2 eyeshadows, it’s so pretty!

I just went on eBay today and bought Typographic. I can’t find a dupe, ugh! Luckily eBay was offering a $10 coupon today so I jumped on it lol


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Mac hodgepodge lip liner is my all time favorite brown liner. Idk why they stopped. Ive been holding on to the last one i have for a long time still trying to find a dupe!